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  • Categories

    Map and sync all aspects of NetSuite website categories into WooCommerce. Or manage categories completely within WooCommerce.

  • Products

    Map and sync all aspects of NetSuite items into WooCommerce. Map essential product data and accounting data to sync into NetSuite.

  • Taxonomies

    Custom taxonomy support for products and categories. When you have to specifically matching data, custom taxonomies can save the day.

  • Inventory

    Map and sync inventory stock levels on an ongoing basis. Use one location or many locations. Highly flexible toward your business needs.

  • Forms

    Use all your NetSuite forms in WordPress. Manage all form data right in NetSuite. Keeping all your data in one place, as you intended.

  • Events

    Manage events in NetSuite and sell tickets right in WooCommerce. For organizations that have a lifeblood revolving around events.

  • Store Locator

    Map your clients stores who sell your products. Full functioning, top quality store locator in WordPress. All managed in NetSuite.

  • Sales Orders

    Sync sales orders from WooCommerce to NetSuite in nearly real-time. Support for subsidiaries and multiple website is available.

  • Purchase Orders

    For those companies who let their customers sell to them. A purchase order sync is the perfect solution. Additional WooCommerce configurations necessary.

  • Customer

    Create new customers in WooCommerce or NetSuite. Auto create new customers in NetSuite when they buy on WooCommerce. Manage and sync customers from NetSuite to WooCommerce as well.

  • Vendors

    When you using purchase orders, you must sync vendors as well. Vendors can get created in NetSuite or WooCommerce and auto created when selling on the website.

  • Payment Gateways

    Authorize and capture in WooCommerce. Or, authorize credit cards in WooCommerce and capture the charge in NetSuite on fulfillment. All major gateways are supported.

  • Coupon Codes

    Use all your NetSuite promotions by syncing them directly into WooCommerce. Or just upload you coupons into WooCommerce and let us sync and create them in NetSuite.

  • Tax

    Tax can often be difficult to align correctly. Let us sync your tax rates from NetSuite directly into WooCommerce.


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